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Bass Fishing on Rainy Lake, Ontario

Camp Narrows Lodge, on Rainy Lake's north arm offers Northwestern Ontario's Premier smallmouth bass fishing. Our resort is a boat-in, which brings you minutes away from the best area's on the lake. If you wish, our Rainy Lake guide service can show you the areas and structure of the lake and help you with techniques to catch these awesome trophy smallmouth bass. If you prefer to fish on your own, we have navigational Rainy Lake maps and are very willing to mark the hotspots. Casting, trolling and even flyfishing for bass are all very effective ways to fish Rainy Lake. Ontario smallmouth bass fishing on Rainy Lake is truly an avid fisherman's outdoor adventure.

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The structure of the north arm of Rainy Lake is ideal for smallie fishing. There are hundreds of islands with baseball to basketball sized boulder shoals and reefs coming off of them. Large areas of cabbage and pencil weed along side these shoals and reefs create unbeatable habitat. Crayfish, bait fish of all kinds, and especially smelts are the main forage.

Spring fishing (pre-spawn) in May and early June is done off of any point or reef with some sandier areas in behind. The smallmouth bass congregate in water around 14'-18' deep, waiting for the water temperature to warm up. This is the time when tube jigs and grubs work the best. Plastics can also be thrown to the shores.

During the summer months, the fish are found in many areas of the lake. Some school up and chase the smelts in the deep water's away from the structure. Other's can be found in the huge cabbage beds in shallower water. Depending on the weather of the day and evening, top water bites are awesome. Windier days weightless plastics or weighted tubes or grubs can be thrown towards the points or banks.

Fall fishing, probably the best of the year, is done on the sunken humps. This is when Rainy Lake fishing really begins to shine. The smallmouth school up in the hundreds. This is also the time of year when you really know what "fish eating smelts" is all about. The belly's on the fish are unbelievable.

Our catch-and-release policy on these bronze-backs will ensure that Rainy Lake's, North Arm will continue to have a world-class bass fishery.

We welcome you to come and experience some premium Ontario smallmouth bass fishing. Our guests come from Maine to Florida to California to Washington State, and most of Canada. We have combined over 35 years of our own fishing experiences with techniques we picked up from our many guests from all over the States and Canada. We encourage all of our new guests to come and talk to us or to have a chat with any of the guests in Camp. This way we ensure everyone is catching fish.